Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer Spf 15 Review

by thesavvynana

Although Chantecaille is not a mainstream skin care/makeup brand, at least this is my impression. But they do have great products, such as Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer Spf 15 today.

On the scale of tinted moisturizers, Chantecaille Just Skin is located underneath the light foundation.

It has all the nourishing qualities and gloss-enhancing effects of a tinted moisturizer, but the texture is slightly thicker, and the tinted finish makes the skin look smoother than usual.

The outer packaging is a cardboard box with a stronger cardboard inside to protect the tube. The tinted moisturizer is packaged in a squeeze tube similar to a toothpaste tube, except that the plastic is thicker. The lid is a screw cap.

Comes with a beautiful filter. There is no cakey feeling, no chalky feeling, and absolutely no strange fine lines and wrinkles precipitated at noon. It only takes a pea-sized clump to cover my entire face and achieve a blur effect.

It is so incredibly creamy and velvety-it feels more like a face cream-it truly blends seamlessly with the skin and makes the face perfect, but it doesn’t look like you have anything.

Then I would say that you can do without this Chantecaille tinted moisturizer. Am I glad I bought this? Oops yes.




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