Chantecaille Compact Makeup Review

by thesavvynana

Today I will introduce you to Chantecaille Compact Makeup!

This Chantecaille foundation is medium in size, small and cute, with a beautiful mirror. The color is great for my skin tone and I like this product.

Chantecaille Compact makeup comes in this fussy shiny silver packaging. There is a lovely big mirror inside.

It has two compartments-one for the compact and one for the mesh compartment at the bottom of the sponge.

It also comes with a silky black pouch, but I don’t mind using a pouch. The only downside of the packaging is that it scratches easily, and after using it mercilessly for a full month, my compact does not look luxurious from the outside.

I like the texture very much, very delicate, even the puff is very delicate and comfortable. The upper face will naturally not show heavy makeup.

After primer and concealer, I used a large powder brush to polish on Chantecaille Compact Makeup Foundation.

This is very useful for oil control and even skin tone. Moreover, since the powder is finely milled, no extra work is needed to help the product look good on the skin.

It solidifies instantly without looking too matte or flat, and it stays in good condition all day long.

I don’t know how to do it. It’s like air on the skin, it won’t enhance any fine lines or dry patches on the skin.

When I wear it alone, the staying power is about more than 4 hours, after which I almost feel like finishing powder. But when used on foundation, it is such an excellent task master that I hardly do any touch-ups all day long.

I would recommend this to those who want real light and thin coverage, they only need that layer but no spots or blemishes that makeup needs to cover.




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